We’re in Maggie Grey’s WOW Book 2

Laura and I are delighted to be two of the artists featured in Maggie Grey’s latest WOW book. Just released, WOW Book 2 is an extension of Maggie’s Workshop on the Web which we’re sure you would be familiar with. The book is a collection of workshops by 5 artists and us, and covers a broad range of methods and approaches.

For our section, we talk about one of our favourite ways to get started in sketchbooks – by taking old work, or printing new work, tearing it down and making a book from it. Called Rip it Up and Start Again, our article describes step-by-step how to print your papers and stitch the book with ideas for what to do with it once you’ve made it! DMTV fans will recognise this idea from our Handprinted Sketchbooks series of video workshops. Possibly our most popular of all time!

Other artists featured in this issue are Clare Bullock, Sue Dove, Marian Jazmik, Alysn Midgelow-Marsden and Diane Bates. There is more information about the book on Maggie’s site. Here’s a link.

We have a few signed copies for sale in our shop. Here’s a link to purchase.