Working into my Monoprinted Feathers

I’ve already posted about my monoprinted feathers but I’ve been working into the prints and incorporating those made on loose sheets of paper into my sketchbook.

Sometimes that just involved gluing the print onto a page using gel medium as was the case with the buff coloured print on the left. The righthand print was worked direct to the page but was very fragmented because I’d made it using what little paint was left on the plate after the initial print had been taken. All I’ve done so far is to add a wash of black watercolour in the background and I’ve taken the wash into the poor print to give it a more defined outline. The paints in the course art kit can be bleached so my plan is to use a dip pen and bleach to continue the fine lines of  the buff feather so it doesn’t look so abruptly chopped top and bottom. We’ll see how that goes!

This page has had a similar background treatment but I introduced a teal blue into the black to complement the colour of the left hand print. I’m thinking this might be a candidate for some text – just need to think what that might say.

I used the brown paint from the palette to match the brown paper of the print on the left and extended it across and around the edges of the book to give it an aged look. Avoiding the centre of the right page created a blank space for a pen drawing.

It’s a bit scruffy and I might revisit to add a bit of watercolour to accentuate the barred stripes of the feather.

Still lots to think about with these pages but they are coming along!

Linda x