Working with Inktense

Do you have a set of Derwent Inktense pencils, or blocks? In this collection of videos we’ll demonstrate a diverse approach to using them in your work on paper and fabric. See how to make rubbings, use them to colour fabric, add colour to your altered books and even print with them. There are four workshops in this collection.


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Videos in this collection

Altered Book and Inktense Blocks

In this workshop see how Linda uses Inktense Blocks to add colour to her altered book.

Creative Colouring

In this workshop see how you can use Inktense pencils to delicately colour any black and white fabric. Enhance the fabric with carefully placed colour for perfect results.

Printing with Inktense

In this workshop we’ll experiment with using Inktense blocks for printing. Laura will demonstrate how to work with them, and print blocks you already have to stamp onto paper and fabric.

Exploring Rubbings

See how Linda’s using rubbings to create frames and pattern in her sketchbook. She’s using 3D printed plates and mylar stencils with graphite and Derwent Inktense blocks which both provide great results.